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Over the years we have seen many children and their families blessed because of our presence in the community.  While we started out with a goal of getting as many sponsors for our children (currently at 25 sponsored kids), we’re now looking to obtain land for our center.  

Our goal this year is to get our Community Center funded and eventually built for the kids to finally have a permanent place to meet, have fellowship, attend retreats, learn basic needs, inspire creativity through art, get fed a good meal, and feel safe.  Over the years we have been moving towards this goal by building a relationship with the townspeople, finding and purchasing a beautiful piece of land, and then finally starting the year with a large private donation.  Our building will cost around $80,000 US for total completion, and we are looking for more private donors to help us reach that goal. The full proposal is quite to bit more than the actual building fund, but we would be using that for maintenance, security, and other important TAP resources.

Would you please be in thought or prayer about making a contribution to us this year?  Smaller donations can be made here, but for larger donations please leave a comment below (which won’t be displayed publicly) or contact us through our Facebook page. (We would definitely accept the larger donations here, but the processing fees can be high for large donations.)

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